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Watkins’ Manual of Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery ( ).pdf
Posterior tubercle: The medial calcaneal artery anastomoses with a
branch from the peroneal artery to supply this area.
Body: Supplied by the artery of the sinus tarsi and the artery of the tarsal
canal; both anastomose with each other as well as…

Therapy in Pediatric Dermatology_ Management of Pediatric Skin Disease ( ).pdf
We are very excited about the publication of the first edition of Therapy in Pediatric
Dermatology: Management of Pediatric Skin Disease. Given limited number of high quality
clinical trials available in pediatric dermatology, we aim to address the…

The Washington Manual of Pediatrics ( ).pdf
The first edition of The Washington Manual ¨ of Pediatrics was created from The Washington
Manual ¨ Pediatric Survival Guide to provide concise and quickly accessible information to interns,
residents, and medical students while they care for…

The Surgions Mate_ The First Compendium on Naval Medicine, Surgery and Drug Therapy (London 1617). Edited and Annotated by Irmgard Müller ( ).pdf
The English Surgeon John Woodall (1570–1643) as Pioneer of Naval Medicine, Surgery and
Treatment of Drugs at Sea
Since the beginning of overseas expansions at the mid-sixteenth century, England ranked
among the important seafaring nations; and so…

The Perioperative Medicine Consult Handbook ( ).pdf
The goal of this handbook is to support our colleagues (medical providers, trainees, and students) in providing thoughtful, evidencebased perioperative patient care. In the pages that follow, we aim to
provide a focused review of medical issues that…

The pancreas _ an integrated textbook of basic science, medicine, and surgery ( ).pdf
The pancreas has long been an underappreciated organ.
Although Aristotle first acknowledged the pancreas in
Historia animalium, written between 347 and 335 bce,
Galen insisted that the only function of the pancreas was
to pad the abdominal…

Surgical Handicraft - Manual for Surgical Residents ( ).pdf
It is with great pleasure and immense satisfaction I am writing the preface of
my second book titled Surgical Handicraft: Manual for Surgical Residents and
Medical students who have completed their course and are entering
the clinical…

Surgery_ A Case Based Clinical Review ( ).pdf
When starting my third year clerkship (last century), I was terrified. I figured the only way to
succeed was to do something spectacular. It was quickly apparent (within minutes) that I was
never going to come up with an obscure diagnosis that had…

Surgery of the Spine and Spinal Cord_ A Neurosurgical Approach ( ).pdf
In this era of abundant digital information, where
most of us have the opportunity to travel around
the world and see colleagues at work, while spine
courses and congresses are organized in all parts
of our globe and in times where most of us…

Reproductive Medicine for Clinical Practice_ Medical and Surgical Aspects ( ).pdf
The issue introduces a new series book Reproductive Medicine for Clinicians published on behalf of the International Academy of Human Reproduction.
The main objectives of the academy are to extend the knowledge in all aspects of
human reproduction,…
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