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Heart Failure (Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology).pdf
Heart failure is a growing world-wide epidemic with a prevalence of more than 5 million
cases in the United States and 6.5 million cases in Europe. Epidemiologic data demonstrate
a rapid increase in its incidence during the past two decades. This…

Essentials of Bedside Cardiology, Second Edition, like the first edition,
is designed for those who wish to balance technological advances with increased
personal skill in history taking and physical examination.
It is important to teach…

We may not be the most impartial commentators, but it seems to us that the heart
is the most interesting organ in the body. It beats in a tightly regulated, finely
coordinated, gracefully rhythmic fashion to distribute blood and oxygen to all

'100 cardiology questions.pdf
This book differs from most other available cardiology texts. We
have designed it to provide didactic answers to specific questions,
wherever possible. Some are everyday questions. Others deal
with less common situations, where an answer is often…
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