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Microbiology ( ).pdf

The authors of this book discuss the most recent advancements in food microbiology
research. Chapters include a review on the factors which help to…

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Watkins’ Manual of Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery ( ).pdf

I graduated from the University of Queensland in
1982. Bird medicine in those days rated two lectures
from the small animal lecturer, Charlie…

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In the three years since the second edition of the ABC of Clinical
Haematology, there have been further advances in our understanding and therapies…

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Little Black Book of Gastro.pdf

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (HPIM) has long
been a major source of information related to the practice of medicine for many…

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'Williams endo.pdf

The body of knowledge in endocrinology
has expanded enormously since the first edition
of this text appeared two decades ago, and the
pace of…

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Heart Failure (Fundamental and Clinical Cardiology).pdf

The risk of death, stroke and coronary heart disease (CHD)
increases continuously with increasing BP with no evidence of a
threshold. The excess…

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Viva in Biochemistry ( ).pdf

Food biochemistry principles and knowledge have become
indispensable in practically all the major disciplines of food science, such as food…

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Anatomy & Physiology

vishram singh textbook of anatomy abdomen and lower limb ( ).pdf

Though you may approach a course in anatomy and physiology strictly as a requirement for your field of study, the
knowledge you gain in this course…

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Julie Bowers East Tennessee State University
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Nishi Bryska University of North Carolina, Charlotte
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Boyd Campbell Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences
Ann Caplea Walsh University
Marnie Chapman University of Alaska, Sitka
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Maurice Culver Florida State College at Jacksonville
Heather Cushman Tacoma Community College

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